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1.Common Documents
2.Educational Document
3.Driver License
4.Other documents
OZ Education and Migration Specialist (OEMS) is endeavour to provide optimum translation services to existing and prospective clients from all walks of life. We have in place experienced NAATI accredited professional translator(s) to assist you in Chinese and English translation. Furthermore, if required by the clients, other language translation could be arranged by OEMS to minimize client’s time and cost consumed.

About Our Service
Following measures have been taken to ensure the quality consistency of the translation work and customer satisfaction:
·         Translation quality assurance system: ensuring that each translation work is completed by accredited translator(s) while observing the specific requirements of the client
·         Reliable internal managerial procedures and policies: ensuring that each translation work is completed in a systematic way so that consistency could be achieved
·         Scientific translation service procedure: ensuring that each translation work is completed according to a set of procedures aiming to provide superior level of translation service to clients
·         Transparent pricing policy: ensuring that each client is treated fairly in regards to the translation service price
·         Timely service: ensuring that each translation work is done within a timeframe as agreed
·         Various delivery service: ensuring that each client would be satisfied of the delivery options we give to suit their individual needs

Translation Procedure
·         Enquiries from client
·         Document received from client (if needed)
·         Quote given to client
·         Document received from client (if it’s not provided before the quote is given)
·         Agreement for translation service (Some deposit would be requested upon agreement)
·         Translation
·         Full payment by client
·         Delivery to client

What We Translate
We could help you translate the following documents between Chinese and English, and between any other languages (depending on the availability):
·         Common academic documents: for instance, transcripts, qualifications and academic record
·         Certificates: for instance, bank deposit certificate, qualification certificate and etc
·         Notarized documents: for instance, notarized birth certificate, notarized divorce and marriage certificate
·         Statements from various institutes: for instance, bank statement, bank account transaction history, passbook , income statement, work experience statement and etc
·         Various licenses: for instance, driver license, accredited technician license and etc
·         General letters: for instance, resume, letters, emails and etc
·         Any other documents as required by clients


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