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1.Free Course application
2.Free Provider Transfer
3.Free OSHC Arrangement
4.Other Free Services
OZ Education and Migration Specialist (OEMS) not only position itself in providing optimum fee-paying professional services in education placement, migration consulting, translation arrangement and etc but also offer FREE service items to prospective students and immigrants in the following issues. We endeavour to try our best to deliver these free services to the public, however, its availability depends on our resources and conditions apply, all explanatory rights reserved by OEMS.  

Free Education Placement Service
For prospective international students who are interested in registering a course which is endorsed by DIAC for international students, we could assist you in this regard as we have many dealings with different education sector of Australia Qualification Framework and plenty of experience in serving students from various backgrounds. Helping you without charging any service fee for course registration in Australia would be one of the best gifts for students who intend to rely on ethical and efficient service for their dreaming area of study. 

Free Professional Year Course Registration
The Professional Year is a structured professional development program combing formal learning and workplace experience. The Professional Year will:
·        Familiarise students with the norms and values in the Australia workplace as well as the Australian employment market and workplace culture. e.g. write resumes and interview skills;
·        Teach students how to communicate effectively and professionally in the Australian workplace with colleagues, managers and clients;
·        Include an internship (work experience component) to educate students about all aspects of work practices in an Australian company.
The professional year must have been undertaken for a period of at least 12 months in the 48 months immediately before applying and be in either:
·        The applicant’s nominated skilled occupation;
·        A closely related skilled occupation.
Points can only be awarded for Professional Year courses that have been specified by the minister.

Free Transferral of Education Provider
It may be the case that students find themself having chosen a wrong area of study after a certain period of schooling in an institute in Australia. So students may prefer to transfer their area of study or continue their current course but in a different institute to suit their individual needs. The current rule about transferral of education provider is that students need to study in their main course registered with the education provider for at least six months before transferral. And many forms and routine procedures need to be completed before transferral. If it’s the case, please feel free to contact us as we could assist you in this regard timely.

Free OSHC Arrangement Service
OSHC represents Overseas Student Health Cover. Maintaining full period of OSHC for student’s intended study period is a prerequisite for student visa grant. Either students or their accompany family members need to ensured that their intended stay are covered by OSHC. For students from certain countries where health cover has been arranged by their original countries would be exempted from purchasing OSHC in Australia. If you really need an agency to help you arrange OSHC, please simply contact us and we would assist you in this regard free.

Free Authorised Recipient Service
We could act as an authorised recipient for receiving documents and communication on behalf of students and potential clients alike with the authorisation agreed by the both parties. For instance, we could act as an authorised recipient for receiving qualifications and certificates from education institutes or schools when students are absent from Australia or having a holiday overseas. All we do is to ease clients and provide convenience as they may experience some sorts of difficulties in receiving these documents.

Free Medical Test Booking
For Australian temporary or permanent visa applications, most of the time, applicants would be requested to provide medical test by Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Simply call us and we would help you book a place and select the right type of medical test for you immediately and freely.

Testimonials- Upmost Service for Free
That's the best experience that I have dealt with agencies like OZ Education and Migration, they helped me without charging any fee for registering a course in a college and arranging the medical test booking and authorised recipient services. And their service is quite responsive and timely. I am really pleasure to give recommendation for their upmost free services as quality service is their main goals as I could feel. ’

Cindy LIN, an onshore student for college study in Australia 


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