Educational Service

1.University Admission
2.College Admission
3.Language Admission
4.Other Courses
In terms of education placement for international students, OEMC introduces and helps students from overseas to register in CRICOS accredited courses in Australia ethically and effectively.
We have client bases from the following countries/regions in the world, e.g. China (main market), Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore etc. Meanwhile, we are marketing in Australia as well. In addition, we are heading for establishing sub-branches in some key metropolitan cities of China. Under the effective supports from the business alliances in accommodation arrangement companies and many others, our business is heading a bright future in its business performance.
Services for Students
·         Provide ethical advice on the courses and educational institutes to students;
·         Apply the offer letter for students for their intended courses and education providers;
·         Pay tuition fees and other related charges to colleges and universities in Australia under the will of students;
·         Finalize the COE (confirmation of enrolment) for students to obtain a student visa;
·         Fill in (clerical work) student visa applications for students;
·         Act as migration agent in all dealings with the relevant authorities or institutes to finalize the student visa application  for clients;
·         Arrange airport pickup service if requested by students;
·         Assist students in looking for proper accommodations;
·         Help students transfer courses or educational institutes after six-month of their principal course of study if requested;
·         Address students' concerns regarding study options after the completion of their initial course(s);
·         Assist in their visa application after completion of their study;
·         Refer students to other specialists if the issue is outside the scope of  the education and migration agent.


OZ Education and Migration Specialist (OEMS)

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