CSOL list Implemented from 1 Jul 2012

Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List - 1 July 2012
Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List - 1 July 2012 

As part of the Employer Nominated Scheme and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme review process the Government announced the implementation of a single 
list of occupations to provide a simpler and more consistent approach to sponsorship across the skill stream of visas without restricting the flexibility of programs such as the Labour Agreement and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme categories. The Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) is a single list of occupations 
that will replace the State/Territory Nominated (STATSOL), the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENSOL) and the Subclass 457 Skilled Occupation Lists and will determine occupations that applicants can nominate under these programs. Occupations on the CSOL (Schedule 2) from 1 July 2012 The CSOL comprises 642 occupations, a combination of Schedule 1 and Schedule 2. 

You may download the list from the department of immigration and citizenship website for the most recent updates, 

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