OZ Education and Migration Specialist (OEMS) is a specialized agency which is endevouring to provide the clients with quality services in the areas of education program placement and migration solutions. It evolves from the business named 'Australian Golden Bridge Education Consultancy' . The business name change reflects the broaden services being provided by the business, as from simply the education placement for international students to education placement, migration advising, translation service, supporting services to students and prospective immigrants etc.

In terms of education placement for international students, we introduce and help students from overseas to register in CRICOS accredited courses in Australia ethically and effectively.

We have client bases from the following countries/regions in the world, e.g. China, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore etc. In addition, we are heading for establishing sub-branches or business alliances in some key metropolitan cities of China. Under the effective supports from the business alliances in accommodation, translation, other professional specialists etc, OEMS is heading a bright future in its business performance.

OEMS is looking forward to cooperate with various education institutes in the world where potential students have real interests on them. The types of institutes we focus on are listed as below, but not limited to:

·        Universities
·        Colleges
·        Vocational training providers
·        English language institutes
·        Other training institutes or service providers

If you believe your business would have the potential to cooperate with us, please contact us to discuss further. 

OZ Education and Migration Specialist (OEMS)

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