• Educational Service

    Educational Service

    1.University Admission
    2.College Admission
    3.Language Admission
    4.Other Courses
  • Student Visa Assistance

    Student Visa Assistance

    1.574 Student Visa
    2.573 Student Visa
    3.572 Student Visa
    4.Other student visa
  • Visa and Migration

    Visa and Migration

    1.General Skilled Migration
    2.Family Migration
    3.ENS/RMS Visa
    4.Other Visas
  • Free of Charge Services

    Free of Charge Services

    1.Free Course application
    2.Free Provider Transfer
    3.Free OSHC Arrangement
    4.Other Free Services
  • Translation Service

    Translation Service

    1.Common Documents
    2.Educational Document
    3.Driver License
    4.Other documents
  • Supporting Services

    Supporting Services

    1.Airport Pickup
    3.IELTS Training
    4.Other Supports

OZ Education and Migration Specialist (OEMS)

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